30 March 2010

Oh my! Mr Maximus

And this is why I need a dominican man in my life, if you tell me you didn't jizz all over yourself (celie fingers) YOU A LIAR, you a damn liar. I found this video on one of my random emo days, (I can sit in front of the computer all day watching def poetry jam, snapping, shaking and crying at the screen while throwing hands in the air). So now I'm Facebook stalking this guy :) and I found his album is out today and it's free! YAY! Its an eclectic mix of ' electro-spaceship-carribean-hip hop- rap with a splash of R&B' and from this little sample I think I will be bumping it in my summer chillout playlist. Oh and MR Maximus if you're ever in london please feel free to give me a private show, if you want :)


SuPerWomAn said...

nothing more to say than thank you agnes!!!

Madame Frufru said...

Eu a fzer um esforço danadinho para escrever inglês e a menina parla português. Noody noody girl!

xTuna Fishx said...

lol...mas seu ingles e muto boa.
a menina k escreveu este blog nao fala portuguese.lol

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