21 March 2010

Shake A Leg...

It's been too damn long.
Yesterday we went out to celebrate a friend's 22nd birthday at Loop bar in Bond Street.
Twas amazing.... I have been cooped up indoors and never really venture past my area due to deadlines. But last night was great!
Considering our lateness and the Ghanaian's home made water-proof cap.... lol we managed to make it on time for happy hour.... and we WAS VERY HAPPY INDEED!
We drank, we danced, we laughed, we had a good time... and now my feet is paying the price.... OUCH!!!
Oh yeah... got the dates of my friends trip to New York this spring... and my luck... it corresponds with my deadlines... I would be done and dusted.
Might be able to squeeze in a lil' trip to New York... what you think Aggie??!
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