10 March 2010

Imma Be a Rock Star!

Omg!!! This Secrets /positive thinking stuff really does work! Since the new year started... I said to myself I was gonna learn to play the electric guitar this year... but never knew where I would get the money to buy one... (coz that ish is mad expensive).
Anyways... so yeah... I came home to day from our little money making shoot... and my lil' bro has an electric guitar in his room! Apparently his school was having a sale of all their old instruments coz they got new ones in.... and coz my bro is tight with the music department...
he got one for free. :D
its not the sexist looking one... but I'ma work with it for now! :D
I'ma chill out till midnight... do my procrastinating now... then bang out my work all night... in the mood for an all nighter tonight. Not like I got plans for tommorow.
The Shambolicness we got up to today:
Finally before I duss out.... look at what my mummy made for me! She's in the funniest mood right now... she hearts me.... :D
Ate logoFofinhas


SuPerWomAn said...

o my goodness ur mamma loves you!!
my mum decided to hide cake from me tonight..i begged her to tell me where it was and she said she put it in the pots cupboard. so off i rushed to find it and eat a slice while im watching desperate housewives... to find that it wasnt there! i had to give her a kiss goodnight before she told me where she had really hidden it!
the things i gotta go through fo a slice of cake ..jheeeze!

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