7 March 2010

Hahahahahah I took Our Blog Spot's 2010 Virginity!

Whoooooooo hoooooooo!!!
Our attempt on bloggin' ensemble has began! :D
I swear down, 2010 is our year girls... I feel this! lol. A time for new beginnings, new ways and a new look on life..... I see Travels, Monies and Agnes makin' it clap! lmao
Yeah yeah.... I know its March?!?! We're backwards like that! Our new year is starting now.
Anyways, I thought I get the ball rolling.
Yesterday evening was quite an eye opener for me in terms of my future aims and target goals at that lil' get-to-together a ' La Rosa, with me and Ghana's finest being the 'Rookies' of the club, I'm really glad I went along.
Throughout the evening I figured I need some sort of structure in my life, I need to get my mind into focus and set some weekly/fortnightly targets to meet, in order to gradually achieve my final goals in life, which I have done and now working towards!
But yeah... I'm feelin' really positive and so damn good! Thanks girls!
In the words of Nikki Minaj....''Ima bad bitch'' lol
Now, enough with the procrastination and back to work.
Ate logo,


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