7 March 2010

Tired-ass banter


hey homies... finally home from my night out with with the few girls I met of my friend.... and it's tyms like this wen i realise how much i love you girls. anyhooodilooo..... girls... we so have to go to this brazillian restaurant at the o2! omfuckindaze! no joke... the food is gorge the contantly bring you all diff types of bbq'd meat to try including sexy bacalhao / salt cod fish, the drinks are fookin shexy and tasssssssssssty....hmmmm... especcially caipirinha...oh god...heaven in a glass(brazillian national cocktail)... and to top it of, all the staff/waiters are brazileiros! aiiiiiiiiiiiii xiiiiiiiiiiii! o jesus help me.... agnes... im talkin 'espieto' lookin brazileiros, the ones u get out of the favelas! xiiiiiiii! (takes a min to fan herself) its a bit pricey 22.50 per head but worth it is all u can eat, sexy waiters and live brazilero music! ohhhhhhhhh got to def go together... no joke! but yeah, im gettin real tierd and now need to sleep! love u homieshizzles!xxxxxx


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