16 March 2010

Hibernation Period!

Meh..... It's that time again. Time for me to hibernate and study study study and study some more!
I swear my eyes are turning square shaped from all this reading etc.
For a while I did think I was on top of my dissertation and on target....hmmm.. well let's just say I'm running a little behind. I got till the 30th April to turn it in.
Yeah that seems like it's time away, but when you have a little problem that I have called Procrastination, you end up doing random things other than your work, such as.....
  • styling a mannequin for no apparent reason!
  • Oh and picking up some make up tricks from meek~n~mild™, And there's me thinking I knew make up lol.... I really know nothing....
I think I need a shexy study buddy to motivate me! ;)
... I also realised that its not a good idea for me to stay at home and study. Why?!
studying em casa = Eating excessively just because the kitchen is there.
Not a good if I wanna be in tip top shape for Portugal 2010!
Time for me to hit the Library!
Mais tarde xxx


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