28 March 2010

Birthday Bash!

I remember when it was all about the big 18th birthday parties.. now we are celebrating 24ths!!!?? where the hell does time go?? Well Friday night we embraced our older splashy selves and danced the night away with our even older fairy boy... Happy birthday Wheezzy :D xxxx Girls I jus realised! We didnt throw any extra hott spice into the mix?!?! Next time we must remember to test these 'rudeboys' - its our turn to run the game !! ;D


SuPerWomAn said...
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SuPerWomAn said...

the topic of cock blocks came about that night...lool soo chicas i would love to find an honest answer to this QUESTION:
what is it really that puts a guy off approaching a woman?

**feel free to post anything you can discover!**

Madame Frufru said...

24's are a good age toooo!


SuPerWomAn said...

Lol @ madame frufru... Of course u can still have fun at 24;)

Sooo after talking to a few male friends the responses I got to the question were: “I wouldn't approach a girl if she was with other guys cause one could be her man"
"I don't approach really loud girls” "can't stand girls who sound like rudeboys" and "I don't approach girls in a big group of loud girls"

I guess guys can be intimidated too. Thats all for now...

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