17 March 2010

I don't have a name.....and other fail proof put downs

Yes, technically I am supposed to be doing my disso but things that just need to be attended to keep popping up, such as............................. I LMFAO so hard. Why? You ask, because Is've used almost all of those technique to politely tell someone to piss off ( I think I will be employing the 'I need to see my child' and the 'I haven't got a name' in the near future). But honestly I feel bad for the guy, all that rejection in one hour....but please believe if he had approached me it would have been a 'yeah call me when my herpes flair up has calmed down' situation. Maybe us ladies are to picky....maybe that's why a hot piece of ass like myself is single.....maybe that is why brothers have given up on sisters.....pssshhhhh lets be real the wackness of your approach is a huge factor. I've been sucked into giving my number to guys I don't really find attractive purely on a 2 minute convo, if you make me laugh you're in there, what can I say I'm easy, (disclaimer: I am actually quite a hard nut to crack, if you see me walking around London, I'll have my bullshit blockers aka headphones in, a book, my phone and a demeanor which generally screams, if you talk to me there is a chance you might get shanked). Anyway this show is epic, I could speak for hours on the tomfoolery of the concept, the guys, the approach and being in Wood Green and trying to draw/chirps/get gash, but I should actually do some work. But remember fellas if all else fails try, 'roses are red, violets are blue, I've got a knife, so get in the fuckin van.' lol LMAO 'Claro Português?' i always get the Naija version. You can watch the rest here


xTuna Fishx said...

lmfao!!!! omg! where did u find this!? lol
Im gonna use the I DONT HAVE A FONE line!

xTuna Fishx said...

p.s. he said Falo Portugese!?..... Claro!

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