8 April 2010

Where have all the bargains gone?!

I am with you there fishy on escaping from technology ... I love it but we have to remember the times before internet :D I don't enjoy online shopping as much as the high street but that's all changing. I have been avoiding entering any shops apart from the one I work in but today I was early for work and decided to pop into a shop or two looking for on trend interview outfits (positive thinking). To my horror I discovered the sales are pathetic and there wasn't anything exciting I could buy with my £10 voucher lol :((( there was the odd special promotion but it was not that special once you read the small print !!!! It got me thinking maybe we are out of the recession as the politicians keep saying. Tax is back up and the sales that were encouraging shoppers seemed to have come to an end! Not fair!!!! I believe that by shopping we are doing our bit to save the economy but without a bargain to find -why bother?!! All that said I will be treating myself to these as soon as my bank balance is no longer looking like its on its death bed;)


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