11 April 2010

Date Outside Your Race...Simples! lol

God let this be over ASAP!
Not really! I actually enjoyed my session today. Thanks to Aggie who sent me a few links last night, I was able to delve into and extract much more needed information.
Watching a few videos and and reading a few articles really did open my eyes to the everyday issues we may brush under the carpet and ignore. Hmmm... Sometimes we have to think and look outside of the box in order to understand a situation better and get the answers we need in life.
In relation to Stacey's previous post, I also read the article regarding Lexington: Sex and the single black woman The Economist. It's crazy, but a lot that was said in it was soo true! Its got to the point where black men unconsciously go about life the way they do because, deep rooted right at the back of their minds and from previous years before, it is and still known that
- Black men with good jobs are “a hot commodity”.
The reason is that there a lack of eligible black men in society, due to some being in prison, some being homosexual, some being just utter waste lol etc, etc, so to find that perfect 'black' man, you know, that IBM (Ideal Black Man) is like finding treasure. And black men know this and play on it. They have the whole female population on them, and we as black women are boosting their egos by fighting over them like they are the only men left in the world!
Women, stop complaning that you are still single and that all the good black men are taken and look outside the box....lol you never know what you might find. Your dream man can come in all different packages. Integrate. It's 20-fookin-10 (2010), there ain't nothing wrong with dating outside your race.
I'm super excited!!!! :D Aidan is backk!! Yay! I'm counting down till the movie is out! hehehe
Hope you are all having a lovely sunday
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SuPerWomAn said...

this is all good .. going for another race but then we face another battle of that other race being interested in us?!
tuna no need for u to comment on that lol

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