9 April 2010

I Dunno What To Say About Both The Song and Video... Appalling Maybe???

On a lighter note... It's amazing how the sun brings out the best in people. I finally finished my hair and thought I'd take a break today from my dissertation and take my sister out to buy a few things. But some people get a little TOO excited!lol (lets just say some people thought they were in the Bahamas)
This is why I LOVE Amber Rose... that effortless swag!


SuPerWomAn said...

i havent even finished watching keily williams video but CAN THAT BE ANYMORE AWFUL!!!?! i know sex sells but she needs to rethink her entire life!!!!

amberrrrrrxxxx but tuna u have it too baby . we r all amber roses in training ;)

boo! coco said...

dude with the dreads.........kinda reminds me of someone doncha think?

Madame Frufru said...

Muito bonito Inês! Ficou muito bem xD

Weel done.

xTuna Fishx said...
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xTuna Fishx said...

aww... brigada bela

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