8 April 2010

Body Language Test....

Procrastinating once again, but hey, a break is needed!
OK, remember a while back I posted a little something about how we react differently to different people sub-consciously.
Our body movements and facial expressions vary depending on who you are talking to. But what's more funny is that there is more of a drastic change between talking to the opposite sex and talking to the same sex.
Obvious!?!?!? I know.
But I thought I'd put it to test anyway with my web cam (I finally figured out how to use it) and picture documented two different phone conversations I had that one day.
One was with Stacey dearest... and the other was with a Mr Man.
Which facial expression goes with which phone conversation!?!? mehhehehhehehehehehehehe lol
(1)(2) (3)(4)


SuPerWomAn said...

This is interesting doctor fish!:D Ok using my psychological knowledge and the fact that I'm bloody hilarious I'm going to go for the pic where u have a fat smile as the one u where u were talking to me sooo no.4 and then no.1 because your body language is more coy and kinda flirty in pics 2+3.??

boo! coco said...

3 and 4

boo! coco said...

the look of love is in your eyes lol

Diva's In The City said...

u are talking to Mr man in 3 and 4. Look at u pouting those lips lol.

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