28 February 2011

Who's Average?

The answer to that is noone and let's face it , who wants to be? Just look at the music industry over the last few years.. Rhi Rhi turned bad, Nicki Minaj grabbed our attention with 'Barbie' and then there is lady GAGA............. enough said!
Im not ever gonna roll into work with green hair, wearing a pink leather catsuit (as much as i would love to) but I'm all for being different. Just know where you ends and insanity begins because I just feel the more people try to be 'crazy different' the more we will all end up being the same.
Heard of the sales term USP? Unique Selling Point. Find yours and work it ! whether its your laugh, your genius mind, pixie ears, neverending legs, big boobs, high cheek bones, child bearing hips or mesmerising eyes, embrace it like noone else can !


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