15 February 2011

Does playing hard to get really work?

We have all done it at least once, playing hard to get thinking that it will get us the guy we want but really does it work? In this age of "Sex and the city" (Bible no. 1) and "Art of Seduction" (a bible just not sure what number yet lol) we all know "The Rules"- don't call straight after a date, I think they say leave 3 days or something like that lol, don't reply back to his texts straightaway.... basically don't be too available! But yesterday with it being Valentine's day, my beliefs were shaken to the core by a story where a girl who always available to a guy, told him STRAIGHT UP she liked him and guess what... it worked?! Now I just don't know what to believe lol. Maybe being direct is the way forward, after all guys aren't not mind readers lol. Diva xoxo P.s. Yesterday I was annoyed because a bbm message between a guy and girl was being circulated around the internet, where the girl asked the guy to be her valentine and he replied he was busy when initially he said he wasn't. It annoys me because guys always complain "Why is it up to them to make the first move" and then when a girl finally does you act like a PUNK! THAT'S WHY WE DON'T! Also it's not cool circulating stuff like that!


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