27 February 2011

Single Lady

FEBRUARY : So then it was back to reality! This month has just flown by , they say that happens when your having fun and although I have had lots of it, I have spent a lot of the month suffering from 'post holiday blues'. Yes this is a self diagnosed disorder ok! everytime I go away I come back fantasising about living in the country and the fact that the beautiful islands are where I originate from just made it even worse this time. Yes there is poverty, goats and monkeys in the roads and limited resources but there is also sunshine, great food, positive people and most importantly lots of family, which make it home. After a catch up with my girls I remembered that I have a family here too and as much as I moan about the UK , British is part of who I am, and I love me so I gotta love the UK too right?! :D

What else did February bring? hmm well it didnt bring love! Gone are the days where you can wave your ringless hand in the air & do the single ladies dance ... BEYONCE - WHERE THE HELL ARE U NOW?! WHEN WE NEED YOU THE MOST?!! HUUUUH!?!

O MY BAD, I FORGOT, YOU GOT THAT RING ON IT!! lol ok so im not bitter.. in fact im happy for all you love birds, i just dont need a over commercialised day like Valentines to dictate to me when i need to be in love.lol Im feeling the pressure but at the same time your 20s are one of the few decades you can be as selfish as you like so Im enjoying the me time while I have it and all the thrills that the journey to Mr right can bring!x


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