17 February 2011

A girl after my own heart...Marina Diamandis (Marina and the diamonds)‏

Before the latest issue of company magazine, I had vaguely heard of Marina and the diamonds. But after reading an interview, I found that Marina is a girl after my own heart! This is because she is a young, strong woman and she's not sorry about! Just like me! Before reading her interview I never would have considered myself a feminist but now when I think about it guess I am! I hate how certain rules and roles are imposed on us because we are women, such as looking after the house, children and husband! I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this but it is always made out that it is OUR duty! Lord knows, how many times I have gone mad, when my mum and nan ask me to do something around the house like washing the plates or hoverring the house and when I ask them why can't my brothers do it, they are like "It's because you're a woman!" Arggghhhh! And we still have a long way to go in terms of equality in the workplace between men and women. There's so many things that niggle me but I can go on forever... I'm just hoping in the future hopefully these stereotypes will change! I like this song too. The lyrics are great and she has great fashion sense! Definitely a girl after my heart! <3 Diva xoxo


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