21 February 2011


So me and Bella thought we'd pop over to one of topshops scheduled LFW events - Style Bubble's blog master class @ topshop.

It was nice to get some tips from someone who has been in the blogging scene for sometime and has succeed.

Listening to her kinda gave us a confidence boost, I like the fact that she clearly states that "she is not a fashion expert nor insider, but merely a fashion lover / consumer" in which we all are. It's true, as much as everybody is so excited about London fashion week, its not merely what we see on the catwalk that interests us the most, but the unique and personal touches in which individuals put on from the catwalk trends we see each season.

Its not so much ;

"I ooohhhh wonder what Lavin will be dressing Agnes Deyn this season",

but instead,

"I wonder what style bubble will be wearing tomorrow"

After that, Bella (My personal events planner - I swear to you shes the best...what ever you are looking for, she can arrange for you) dragged me along to the Swarovski Fashion Exhibition.

There we saw some very beautifully decorated garments: (Excuse the bad Camera quality... We had both left the house in a rush that we left our cams)

Bella's Favourite
My personal Favourite
And Nikki Minaj's personal favourite! hahahaha
her type of thing...except with Swavorki diamonds! lol
Until next time homies


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