25 February 2011

Stuff I wish I'd Never threw away

<b> My Pink Fluffy Snoopy Jumper </b>
In primary school I would wear my jumper with a shirt, knee high argyle socks and and a lil skirt (trying to channel Dionne from clueless, I don't care what anyone says bump Cher, she was the baddest.)

I wish I had a picture to show you guys but anywho this post was inspired by this dope picture I found on neshaloves tumblr

It's exactly like my jumper minus Snoopy and Woodstock...
If I still had it I would style it up exactly like this.... but such is life. My poor jumper is probably decomposing at the bottom of a dump or on one of my many family members in Nigeria (my mum has a knack for sending my stuff off without my knowledge :(


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