16 February 2011

I'm lovin' right now... Jerry Lavigne Jr!

Thanks to Boo!Coco I have been introduced to the HILARIOUS comedian, Jerry Lavigne Jr. I have spent time that I should have been doing work watching his videos cos they are just so good... so check him out! I don't know how to exactly to describe his videos but they are mostly about relationships between women and men. I love so many of his videos: "I love questions", "Why she said no", "Why did she slap me?" too many to mention but my favourite video is "Pussy Payments". I bet you are thinking "But really Diva?!" but hear me out! I think what he is saying is true cos at the end of the day sex does motivate guys to do things for us and so we as woman should be aware of this. I'm now soo aware after watching the video, I like to call it "Pussy Transactions" lol. Also what Jerry says about "Pussy being priceless and dick being worthless" is hilarious and I think that's true too lol. Recently I went to a Valentine's day "slave" auction, where you could buy a date and the most a girl went for was £135 whereas for a guy it was £85, and trust me it was a struggle to even get that for him lol. Thus this shows what he is saying is true cos literally the guys where falling over themselves trying to outbid each other while us girls were chilling, looking cute as we are supposed to cos "dick is worthless" lol. I know some people are offended by his videos but really it's just comedy! You need to have a good laugh once in a while and not take things so seriously! Lots of love, Diva xoxo


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