27 January 2012

Organix hair products

Hey everyone, I spent quite a lot of time this weekend in Boots looking for the best hair products, since I have decide to give my hair some TLC! I'm always perming, weaving or plaiting my hair, that I hardly actually see so it needs some attention! Boo! Coco helped me devise a plan (she's my witchdoctor remember lol) so now all I had to do was start putting what she told me into practice! I went in search for a shampoo and conditioner first and found Organix hair products, which I think for now may answer all my hair prayers! I was looking particularly for a shampoo without sulphates, as it's a detergent and so can be harsh to your hair. I chose "Ever straight brazilian keratin therapy" shampoo and conditioner as the shampoo is sulphate free but also these products contain Kertain proteins to help smooth and strenghten curly or wavy hair. This is good because I don't plan to perm my hair anytime soon but hopefully it shall maintain and make my hair manageable. These products smell good as they also have coconut oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter in it but you do have to use quite a lot of the shampoo as it doesn't lather (sulphates give shampoo their lather). In addition, I bought Organix's "30 smoothing day treatment," a home brazilian keratin treatment that claims to keep your hair straight for 30 days. I'm not planning to use it anytime soon but when I do decide I want my hair permed/straight again I shall use this so I'll keep you guys informed. I also bought their "Renewing moroccan argan penetrating oil" because I have heard loads about how Argan Oil is soo good for your hair! And to make things even better, Boots were doing a deal where all Organix products were 2 for £8! Which is a bargain considering 30 smoothing day treatment cost £12.99! I let you know how my hair journey goes!
Diva xoxo


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