3 January 2012

Feathers and Stripes.

I am really trying hard not to go out and over spend unnecessarily this year... very hard.
But when I obsess over fashion pieces, I can't resist temptation.
Recently I have done ever so well in opting for cheaper/high street alternatives to designers items such as the Zara coated jeans instead of the Donna Ida J brands, and Zara version of the Aqua Asymmetrical Skirt.
I aim to continue this.

However, I have been obsessing over the Motel Rocks Stripped Jeans for a little while and feel I may fall into temptation with these.

However, another item I have been obsessing over as well is the feather skirt, which I have decided I will make myself, using simply an old body con skirt and a couple of yards of feather trim fringe.


I shall begin this some in the next week and will keep you all updated.

Smiles & Kisses,


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