15 January 2012

I heart Zara

The sales are not over yet ladies!!! The sales may get smaller but the prices get lower and now is the right time to grab yourself a bargain before the new collections take over the shop floor. One of my favourite shops, especially in the sales is Zara. I remember queuing for an hour on boxing day a few years ago and I ended up leaving with just one item. This year I've avoided that stress by staying at home browsing online and I've got my eye on a few things...

I desperately need a coat and I'm liking this one which started at £120, then it went down to £100, now its £70. I might give it one more week before I grab it!

Before you go mad, take a minute to re assess your wardrobe and maybe do some swaps or sell anything you don't wear. We all have to be careful with our money these days but I say don't shop less, shop smart and be creative with what you have!


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