15 January 2012

Don't give up on 2012 yet!

I read somewhere that New Years Resolutions generally don't make it past the first few weeks of January so I thought I would make this post just to say DON'T GIVE UP! It takes around 21 days to break a habit so keep going :D 2012 has so much to offer, you will see!

It's time to take a new approach to resolutions! We either don't think we need them or we make them to break them! Not this year! The way I see it, every year is an opportunity to have a fresh slate and make a new set of goals. There will always be something in our lives we wish was better whether its health, finances, relationships or achievements so instead of moaning, do something about it and be the best you can be!
Once you have your resolutions written down, the next step is to set yourself tasks that will bring you closer to achieving your goal. So if its to get fit and healthy, you plan out your exercise days and what eating habits you will change. If its to save some money, you work out exactly how much you can save each month and set up a savings account. Keep reviewing your goals each day!

 In a quest to kick start our ambitions for the future the girls and I are going hard with our resolutions and documenting our progress for that extra bit of motivation! See how we are getting on here.. http://ybs180in180.blogspot.com/

'Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today'


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