13 January 2012

My TV: Funny Youtubers Part 1

Okay so back to my YouTube obsession. These are some of the youtubers that keep me rolling

This beautiful piece of Chocolate man is Kid fury of Thefurytv . I found him while trying to understand the whole Kat Stacks debacle (side-eyeing my ghosts of hoodrat past). If you don't laugh I'm judging you.

My sisters spent the longest time trying to get me up on MsReeezy and I'm glad they did she slays me.

DavidSo..... this guy confuses my ovaries. The jokes have me on the floor but he's also a musician, part of me is like he's so funny then I hear him sing and I think move over Common and Idris. 

Hotdamnirock aka Kain Carter. Lets put it this way Kain is raw.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these videos and I'll be back soon with more funny Youtuber's, there's entirely to many. 

Til next time 


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