28 August 2010

Oww Mami I Like Your Style.....

Fashion and style are two different entities entirely if you ask me. I mean you can rock the Gucci, the PRIMarc Jacobs, or Ed Hardy ( if you wear Ed Hardy, and you were not forced under the threat of having your bed filled with Poison Dart Frogs we can't be friends) you may be wearing what's 'BANG ON TREND' (Damn you Gok Wan) but if you have no style your pretty much paying the label to advertise for THEM! Style on the other hand is not only relative but it doesn't require a stupid amount of money to achieve. When done correctly you can brand yourself. I don't really have style icons but there are some ladies out there who I would drag into a dark alley and leave them with only their panties and a hair clip if i had the chance.
Tracee Ellis Ross is Definitely a potential Victim Icon
She is the perfect mix of eclectic style and Dopery ( is that a word?)
She may not be not a typical beauty.... but she works with what she has
And she has BIG HAIR
And a BIG BUTT (I'm kinda lacking in that area so I tend to notice)
And she played Joan ( my sister from another Mister)
However.......She doesn't always get it right (PETA is gonna get her)
But when she does...... Oh she does it well
Tracee Ellis Ross / Joan Clayton/ JClay


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