15 August 2010

Burlesques and Birthdays!!!!!

Firstly, I'm glad to hear our lil Angolan is okay and hasn't been taken hostage by the natives. We miss u homie xoxo Now onto the next thang.
It was the gawgus Diva's Birthday on the 10th, she is officially legal......21!!!!! whooo i can't wait until i'm 21 #side-eye. Anyway to celebrate we went to a Burlesque club in Chancery Lane called Volupte and you know we had to do it BIG, full 40's and 50's attire. and although we were asked not to take pictures of the performers, the real show started afterwards.
the decor was so chic/fly/ dope
I wanted those shoes.....badly!
ruby who.....ruby wooo booo (finally got superwoman to wear lipstick)
The Piano Man randomly came and started harrassing us and doing magic/ parapyschological tricks.
I must say I was impressed and he played along to Upside down by Diana Ross (i think)
Here he is at work stealing Superwoman's phone number from her mind.......


Xuna said...

ooohhh u looked like u all had alot of fun! me not sooo happy i missed out n it all!
Happy Bday DIVA! XX

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