19 August 2010


As usually it has been a while since I have blogged on here... (I can hear boo! coco saying daym straight lol) In the last couple of weeks I have gone from being a child to officially an adult and with that comes "responsibilities" as my lovely family put it on my birthday! This basically means that now "I'm off age" I meant to find a boyfriend, get married and have babies all in the next couple of years! It makes me laugh because all my life my mother has told me boys are basically evil and I shouldn't even look at them and now she was expecting to bring one home the minute I turn 21! Parents just don't seem to understand that is doesn't work like that or else trust me I would have had a "special" someone sitting next to me. But its ok! My plan is for the next couple of years, before I reach 30, is to have as much fun as possible and if a guy comes along that will just be great =). Diva xoxo


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