20 August 2010


Those of you from the UK will know exactly what I'm talking about but the rest of yall..
please read on and share our pain! This country is well known for being cold, rainy and grey about 99% of the time and this year I believe it has been a true example of that! It hit home when I went for drinks the other night and we were all wearing tights and boots! HELLO its August!!!!
Looks like May and June was our summer! If we are lucky we may get the odd day of sunshine. YEA I KNOW... IT SUCKS! But well I guess i have an excuse to get excited about wintery things! introducing my 'WINTER HOTTNESS' list, so far :D
suede and anything over the knee;)
sexy tights
cute wellies .. y not
bling in all shapes and sizes.. o and curly hair
THE aviator jacket.. im gonna look for one in brown
Have a good weekend chicas!!
Im off to a theme park with my little cousins this weekend
.. ..lets pray for sunshineeee


Amandita said...

Girl I know what you are talking about.. I live in Sweden,, and I m already thinking about what Im going to wear for fall =)

me :D said...

raining in sweden too? every cloud has a silver lining though right. loving the eye make up Amanditaaa !

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