1 September 2010

Trying to get back on track....

So I'm back in London, 2 days now, and boy, I feel like I'm way behind on everything; time, gossip, and fashion!
My first day back, Miss 'Diva' over here decided to take me to Westfields to help her find her dress for 21st 'after' party.
It struck me how behind I felt on the latest trends and everyone seemed so on trend as I walked around in my jeans and boob tube! lol
I think being in Angola for a whole month, I had adapted to their lifestyle and fashion sense or should I say lack of! The country was too hot for me to be bothered with accessorising and thinking about what I am wearing each day. Instead, I just picked up the lightest and smallest things I could possibly find to wear so that I can stay cool and move around easily.
My statement pieces, shorts and a vest top.
Dressing up how I usually do back home only caused the locals in Angola to stare at me, wondering where the hell am I going all dressed up in my floral skorts and wedges lol.
Now that I am back, I feel so out staged by everyone passing us as we sit eating and conversing in the westfields food hall.
With September starting, I, like everyone else want to upgrade my wardrobe and looks.
What caught my eyes ... I must purchase asap! :D
My wants;
Biker Trousers: Topshop
Shearling Jacket & Strapped waistcoats: TopShop
Skinny cigarette trousers (channeling my work wardrobe): River Island
Statement Necklaces: River Island
Lace up Wedge ankle boots: River Island
and to add to my ring collection (I'm now becoming obsessed...)
Oval Stone with Flower Overlay
Ohhhh..... the lifestyle I have to fund! :s
until next time queridos!


Lady Me said...

I love the bike trousers! :)

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