16 September 2010

iDIY: Mama africa earrings

I have a tendency to be creative at the most inappropriate times (inappropriate times: procrastination) so the other day i was supposed to be doing something important like oh I don't know look for a job when an idea hit me (i say idea, i really mean i saw someone with something similar and wanted it for myself ;P). I wanted some African material earrings. Now those who know me know that i am Mama Africa....it was my nickname on my Bball team and i have it printed on a jumper so it's official .... so i thought it's only befitting to have a pair of earring to represent that (this is such a poor excuse... but whatever lol) anywho so i made these beauties.   

I though I'd share with you guys how I made them so here goes

Step Uno: Your going to need a pair of old earrings, scissors, a glue gun (or a strong adhesive) and some material(i brought this like 4 years ago for £10 and have made a dress, a headscarf, a top and now these earrings, this material just keeps on giving)

Step Dos: Your going to cut out a small section, enough to cover the entire earring (look for an interesting part of the fabric) and fold it over onto the other side making a little envelope and then you glue down both sides of the material and make a little earring sandwich

Step Tres: CUT! CUT! CUT!  Now you cut the rest of the waste material away until you get to the original shape of the earring or if you have used a glue gun you can make your own shape as the glue dries quite hard
and Voila a pair of mama Africa earrings.

I wore them to carnival and got quite a few request for them so of anyone can't be bothered to make them HOLLA at your girls for a pair.

p.s shout out to Lizabeth for my craft box and my lil bro for buying me the original earrings


Lady Me said...

I liked it! when i'm with procrastination i do aything to don't do what i have to do! But you have a nice result!

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

wow Like it ♥
good idea..<3


Kasia W. said...

great job girl!


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