7 December 2011

Office Christmas Parties

Putting aside Fridays where we look forward to the weekend, Christmas office parties are usually an exciting time as we celebrate with our work colleagues the end of the year, entering the festive season and new year.
After a year of working at my firm, and being designated the office socialite (Only because I am one of the youngest working there), I was asked to help plan this years Christmas office party, as if finding a outfit for the event is not a hard enough job already.
Even if you work in the coolest office in the city or not, for one evening, we all go through the same worry.... What to wear?!
'projecting my glam style, whilst maintaining my credibility at work' is the look we aim for.
Depending on where and how you are celebrating Christmas with your work colleagues (Low key or upscale) here are a few on season trends worth considering:
A long-sleeved wrap dress with a little bit of fur can't do you no wrong...
Picture from Intrigue Me Now
Those who know me know that I DO love the leather look...
-- Flor De Maria Fashion Necklace, Macys Top, Forever 21 Pants, Mimi Boutique Bag, Steve Madden Shoes
If its a more formal do, how about an asymmetrical dress or skirt?
Causeway Mall Dress, Forever 21 Necklace, Mimi Boutique Bag, Shoedazzle Shoes
Or why not stand out from the crowd with a sparkly monochrome look

What ever you ladies choose to wear, make sure you feel fabulous, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.


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