4 December 2011

Half Full Maxi /Asymmetrical Skirt By AQUA

I'm being a slight Grinch this year with Christmas, but I have managed to start my xmas shopping a little earlier.
Aqua: £52
Style Is My Thing
I managed to stumble on a asymmetrical skirt in Zara. I had previously seen another version the net from Aqua and Style is my thing (Who looks amazing) and warmed to it. But you guys know me... I always manage to find a cheaper copy cat version. So Zara's the one I bought... without a second thought.
Zara: £29.99
I think I will take it in a bit in the waist just to make it high-waisted and slightly fitted.
I thought it was oddly quirky, particularly because I have always loved maxi skirts/dresses, but due to my 'midgetness' I tend to stay away from them.
However, I like the fact that this is half maxi, half mini... something different to work with.
Think I might wear it this Friday to a work Christmas party. So watch out for that post.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


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