22 December 2011

Not so natural in Nigeria..... What you talking bout willis?

I came across this article earlier today and I found myself nodding in agreement. The basic premise is natural hair in Nigeria = Bad. 
I find the warped view of Africans, in general always seems to be them naked,  in a hut or riding an elephant but i know Nigerian's to well to believe this stereotype. Nigerian women are always styling and love to do 101 different styles with their hair so why would it be any different with their natural hair however, I went to Nigeria for the first time this year and saw more 'brazilian' hair than I cared to remember. I was never under the impression that everyone would be natural just a few.

Now I've always been told you can get your hair done for literally pennies there and so i asked my Aunty to hook me up. The girl who came to do my hair was the 2nd (and probably last) person to do my hair in the last 10 years that I've been natural (whoo I feel old) other than me, I realised this when the girl doing my hair started trying to rip my hair out with a fine tooth comb ( I stopped that mess quick fast), then she proceeded to start cussing in Yoruba (guess she thought i didn't understand kmt ) about charging me extra for having to deal with my 'virgin hair'. Even though it only came to about £8 including a tip I was severely put off, by her attitude to my hair and her mistreatment (seems Nigerians aren't keen on customer service) . I also notice that we stuck out like a sore thumb when out and about, we weren't really dressed any different than any Lagosian fashionista but the biggest difference was our hair, my sister had waist length curled kinky twists and my natural hair was tied back in a bun. 
I noticed huge amount of damaged relaxed hair, shiny weaves and beautiful braids but sadly didn't spot anyone sporting their natural hair. I must stress that apart from the braider, I didn't receive any negative feedback about my hair but was informed that if I wore it out people would think I was nuts.

I feel with the whole natural renaissance occurring currently, Nigerian females will eventually embrace their natural hair texture but I guess it might take a while. However "No rich man will marry a girl with village [unstraightened] hair," made me lol super hard 


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