25 October 2011

Ms Rowland if ya Nasty

So my new obsession is xfactor but the I'm only watching because;
1. Fine boy no pimples Derry, from The Risk.
2. And the beautiful gorgeous Ms Kelly Rowland is a judge and hunny her make up is sitting. So in ode to Ms Rowland I recreate her look:
1. Using 3 different shades of foundation I contoured my face using the light for highlight, the dark to contour and the mid tone for all over coverage
2. Using a generic shimmering antique gold as a base from the lid to the crease. Then applying MAC old gold on top for that extra POW
3. Use a black kohl liner on your upper and lower lashline next get a thin brush ( I got this one from a pack of 12 art brushes from a 99p shop) then I mixed two bright pinks and line under your eye
4. Use the same pinks and a touch of brown with a fluffy brush to define your crease (tip: easiest way to do this is to tilt your head back and look down your nose in your mirror and do a windshield wiper motion in your crease)
5. Hit it with a winged black liquid eyeliner, mascara, a soft pink blush and pink lipgloss and voila!
If you guys try it I wanna see so put a link in the comment Peace guys!!!! Boo xXx


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