23 October 2011

Its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!!

I turned 24 not long ago (cant believe i said that out loud) and yes I wanted to cry several rivers but I have finally managed to embrace my age after 3 years of ‘turning 21! They say age is nothing but a number…. I disagree with this. To me, age marks your achievements, maturity, life goals and generally growing old!! But fear not! If anyone else finds it hard to face up to their real age, this is how I embrace it: 1. Look fly!! Hair done, nails done, everything did? Who can call you old when you are looking so fabulous! 2. Count your blessings… be grateful for freedom, the roof over your head, loving family and friends, your pet fish, your hot dinners 3. Recognise your achievements. Take some time out to think about what have you accomplished so far? More than you thought right? 4. Set goals for the future. With the help of mi amigas I have complied a list of things to accomplish before I hit 25! Its going to be an interesting year!;) 5. Celebrate!!! I went for a yummy thai and then onto a bar called Avalon in Shoreditch for shisha, cocktails and great music with my favourite peeps…..
Happy Birthday to all my fellow libras!! :D


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