22 October 2011


I've always been obsessed with the whole leather look. Mainly because I'm not an over the top kind of girl when it comes to dressing up.
It's sometimes easy to just pull on a plain tshirt with leather trousers/skirt.
Its gives you that cool and laid back look, yet hard at the same time.
Though my love for leather (and pleather) is far greater than my blackberry bella, I am slightly slacking in that department.
I've just ordered a pair of leather trousers from Boohoo in order to restart my leather love....
Here are a few of my LeatherLoves:
a la Burberry
Now reduced to $278 - should I trade in my iphone for this??!?!
Burberry Prorsum Gabardine And Leather Sleeve Trench Coat Khaki
a la Topshop


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