26 October 2011

Blackberry Crackberry Love

My name is Superwoman and I'm a crackberry addict! I have really tested myself this summer... having a diseased phone and relying on facebook to stay in touch with my homies. well now we can all praise the lord, Im back and connected! lol Here he is, my sleek, slim, sexy 9900 Blackberry Bold touch screen.... (No i have not yet given in to the iphone hype!)
For those of you that find typing with touch screen a bit annoying like I do , mainly because my hands are abnormally large, then a phone that emcompasses both qwerty pad and touch screen will be right up your street. I find the Torch quite bulky so this is my perfect match! Screen is a little wider than other models and camera is good quality. Only con I have come across so far is the battery life.. bbm and web browsing can wear it out in a day and the battery cover is a little tricky to get off. Apart from that I LOVE IT... best BB out there in my opinion! :) ps. xuna you're a traitor! jdbsknkefnewkn :p


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