9 November 2010

Whaddup Winter??

I'm a summer baby so I require a certain amount of sunlight per day just to survive. But when outside looks like this
So I think to combat any bouts of S.A.D i should get me some of this.......
 (obviously my face will be where Nicki's is) Is he not the sexiest piece of ass you've seen in a while but if i can't have him for my winter boo I think  either of these will do
Common and trey songz Morphed
Common and Lamman Rucker Morphed
Seriously Morphthing is evil.... You could waste your life trying to find out how your children will look with your famous (and not so famous *cough*) Babydaddies.
The sucky weather has however sparked a flame in my quest to live as minimalistic as possible. I'm a hoarder .....like really bad so i decided to get rid of some of my magazines.
I threw away at least 50 magazines and this is all that remains

After a little calculation I found that this lot was worth over £150!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously.....
and this is not even counting the ones I've thrown away/ borrowed out/ lost and destroyed. If i stopped buying magazines i could have one foot of a pair of Loubos....
NO MORE MAGAZINES FOR ME (apart from essences and nylon or any mag that has my husbands on the cover) 

 Oh and if they ever start publishing Vibe Vixen again I'm getting it.


Xuna said...

Seriously man.... the amount of money we spend on magazines is no joke.... thats shoe money right thur!!!
Oh and my baby daddy Willy Monfret is too hott! He just has that certain Je ne sais pas!
But I refuse to believe he is gay until he tells me so himself! :D

Diva's In The City said...

Agnes, you're a no.1 joker and here was me thinking that's a bad pic f Common lmao! Lucky for me I dnt buy magazines so I'm rich haha NOT! Keep up the good work!

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