11 November 2010

Descending to planet earth!

HIII GUYS, SUPERWOMAN HERE! Was it really august when I last said hey ?! Well I haven't been using my multi-tasking powers too well recently but I have been flying! Yes I did say flying ! Every weekend a new celebration, singing, dancing, eating, dating(gossip for another day), drinking, more eating, squeezing into another dress and ordering a larger glass of wine, sleeping less and less ...not that you notice when you're in the clouds. well not until you take a look at that haggared looking chick in the mirror right girls hahaha! So now im floating back down to earth, reflecting on the good times, planning some me time and preparing for more good times. Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget ey 'diva' ;) My birthday seems like it was light years ago.... happy birthday to all the gorgeous libras and sexy scorpios cos I know theres plenty after all the partying I've done ! BEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD (apart from shoes, bags & diamonds)? MEMORIES ...
muchos besitos xxxxxxxxxxxx


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