14 November 2010

The Next Jimmy Choo???

I was flicking through my copy of Look Magazine when I came across an article about Chau Har Lee's new shoe collection at Selfridges.
But when I took a closer look at her range, I realised what all the hype was about, she's not opting to bring out the usual high heel shoes we get on the high street. Instead, she went a little out there and created her 'Sky Scraper' heels, which looks like it could be possibly be used as a murder weapon.
As crazily odd and dangerous they may look, I actually really like them, and wouldn't mind purchasing a pair.
Particularly the 'Eng'!
My other faves....
Well done Chau Har Lee....


burcu d. said...

oh wow, these shoes are out of this world!! she's really talented!

great blog!

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