3 November 2010

Bedroom Remix

Those of you who know me know that I get quite bored easily and like change.
You see it a lot in my room. I'm always changing the layout of my room frequently to suit my mood.
the point is I need a new look for my new start in life. Both the contents of my wardrobe and my room itself.
I want it to reflect the new stage I'm in and the things I love and want;
Here are a few inspirations;

THE LAPTOP So I need a new laptop, but that HP laptop of mine is my baby and I adore her. Due to our long relationship, her skin has been wearing and tearing, so its time I treated her to a new skin.... I Like

(Coloured Blazer)
(Courtesy of Fashionnerdic.com)
Tailored trousers (ILike)
of delightfulebonygorgeous.blogspot.com
Talented girl... check her out....
(courtesy of Fashionmonger.blogspot.com)

(courtesy of Karlascloset.com)

I've always loved walk-in closets (However my room is not big enough). The Lyouts itself would make me happy
Because my room is small (and also because I am a self-confessed diva) I want to bring in sliding mirror doors to my built in wardrobe to make my room appear larger (another mirror wont help)
I'm loving the monochrome theme


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