25 November 2011

Model's Own Bettle Juice Collection

I got these gorgeous nail polishes by Model's Own a few weeks back . The collection is called Beetle jucice because they are inspired by the colours on bettles' wings. I was lucky to get these because they are sooo popular that 2 of the nail polishes in my pack are currently no longer in stock until the end of the month : golden green and pinky brown. Lucky I got them from ASOS for £10 and I got 25% student discount off them! Score! Anyways I want you guys to see how lovely they are for yourself:
This is Golden Green:
Looks good enough to eat!
Here's Pinky Brown: I love how you can see both colour tones. From afar though you would think it's a glittery purple.
And here's emerald black:
This is a really nice colour but I would say it is more emerald. All the nail polishes were really easy to apply but took a while to dry properly so I smudged them a bit. The nail polishes are long wearing too (I applied a base coat before applying them but not a top coat). However the pinky brown is a bit difficult to remove because it has glitter in it. Out of 10 I would give these nail polishes: 8
Diva xoxo


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