23 November 2011

Album Review: Buraka Som Sistema - Komba

I was meant to blog about this a little while back, but some how it managed to go over my head.
My taste in music is somewhat slightly varied, as I don't have a particular favourite genre. Purely for the fact that I tend to like what I'm feeling at that moment in time. Kind of like my dress sense.
I am a big Buraka fan, and of course, purchased Buraka Som Sistema's new album (realeased on 31st October 2011), Komba a couple of weeks ago.
For those of you who don't know (most likely the majority) Buraka Som Sistema is a collective Lisbon based group who mix Angolan sounds of Kuduro with House and Techno ultimately creating an new sound of Afro-House.
This album is very energetic with unstoppable dance beats.
Currently on repeat on my ipod:
(We Stay) Up all night feat Blaya
8/10 I would give it!
Love it!


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