10 November 2011

Aunty Coco...Or The witchdoctor as I like to call her

Today I met up with Boo! Coco, a well needed meet up since she hasn't had a phone for the past week so I have not been able to contact for her expert advice. You see Boo! is "my witchdoctor" as I fondly like to call her (she's not actually, just incase you were wondering well I don't think soo...lol) But anyways, yes! when I need advice when it comes to beauty, skincare, haircare she's the woman! She knows all the tricks and like a witchdoctor, it usually involves using natural stuff, which is the best really! It astounds me how much she knows! So I would like to introduce a section, where everyone is free to ask her questions no matter how big or small! And don't forget to start it with "Dear Witchdoctor...." lol.


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