17 November 2011

Christenings and Birthdays...

So after a couple of weeks drooling over the J Brands 901 red coated jeans... I managed to find a copy cat version from Zara (as seen on Intrigue Me Now).
Intrigue Me Now
Only difference between the two is that the Zara pair is not as heavily coated as the original J Brands, hence the huuuuuge price difference of £840.
But I am happy with my pair!
This weekend for me was jam packed with celebrations with family and friends and a cinema trip with a friend to attempt to see the new Twilight, which was a failure lol .
So on Saturday, I ended up wearing my pair to a christening and friends Birthday celebration this Saturday in Camden!


mecca said...

Love the color!! Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick would go perfectly with them!


Xuna said...

It sure would! The colours amazing!

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