10 June 2010

Yeh or Neh to Rhi-Rhi's Red Head?!

Rihanna, known for rocking the short hair do, and making me want to pull out my newly done hair to go back to my short do.
A new colour..... RED!!!
I actually quite like the colour, but maybe not with that cut. Though we all know she can pull off anything and look good.
New Red Head!
Blondie (preferred)
Dark Hair
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Make Up...
Last night I had a convo with Boo! regarding my lack of interest in make up.
Seriously... I show very little interest in the 'Art'.
Not that I don't like it, I just don't know how to experiment with it all, and also I'm afraid to step out of the box and play with colours on my face (red on my lips is the most I would do)
My daily (and even night life) make up 'regime' consists of face cream, toner, minimal foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara.... lip gloss/balm if I even remember lol)
An art of expression.
It is indeed! You can have so many feelings and moods expressed in every look you go for,
i.e. that dramatic fiery glammed up look on a night out:
Smokey eyes
Daily/work Conservative look
Eye make up... don't get me started...
It's a skill... A skill I wish I had a little of... But I'm gonna try.
Boo! suggested I step out of the box into a challenge and be a little more experimental with my make up daily...
Lets see How it goes...


M I N G said...

I love Rihanna with blonde hair! It's too cute on her... and I wish I knew how to play with make-up too.

I'm Addicted To Fashion ♥ said...

i just love rihanna even with red hair =)

Karla said...

Nice blog! I love rihanna. She is so cute and her style is amazing!

Fabnay said...

Once you start getting into makeup you will never stop. Trust me.

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