9 June 2010

Is it working?!

Well... I have come to a conclusion that this 2 week thing I am trying to tone up is semi working... though I don't think its entirely due to the special K challenge and the gym sessions... Since trying to get into shape (not just physically, but for health reasons too)
I have changed a few things, I'm more active now, by walking more often rather than taking the bus or tube, I have even changed my posture in the way I stand and sit, to give the illusion of a flatter and toned stomach and reducing back and neck pain lol. Check out Good Posture.
Anyways, My room is in a huge mess and I have to sort it out before I leave and go and exchange my dinheros into Euros!! :D
Have a nice day
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Amandita said...

Oh Im also trying to tone up, I really find it interesting the part about the posture.. its very smart!

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