7 June 2010

2 week Regime...

The weekend breezed through so fast, I barely remember what went down. Spent Thursday and Friday cramming in the extra hours for volunteering... and trying to sort out the little things I need to do before Lisbon... including my get-fit-quick regime.
I am not one for the gym... I have never liked the idea of me going to one, purely because I have a short attention span and get bored of repetitive movement on a machine after a while.
However, sadly due to desperate times and desperate measures, I was reduced to joining one.... as well as going on the Special K challenge (2 bowls of cereal a day plus any meal of your choice) to lose my spare tire belly avec my daily dose of green tea and lemon!! And boy is it hard! All this is making me even more hungrier than ever! I can't smell good food and not be able to eat it.... saying no is such a hard thing lol.
Park Life...
(The food didn't help)


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