5 April 2011

Day 15 I give up giving up *recognizing my strengths and weaknesses* part 1

Spring...... a time for rebirth, a time for renewal, a time for evaluating and elevating. So I promised to evaluate my life and do a little revamp. Looking at the areas where I Excel and those that I fail ( I rhymed Lolz) so I am taking a long look at the good and the bad. This isn't so much a one day challenge but more of a journey. Some of what I uncover may be a little to deep for the blog but I will let you guys in in the process once its complete.
On another note, me and da ladies are off to see my baby daddy No.2 (Common's number one). So expect a lil x rated post later in the week.
Til next time
BOO! Coco


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