4 April 2011

Day 14: I give up... GIVING UP! *Get on my bike*

I could not wait a second longer so decided to scrap collecting my pennies and hired a bike instead. I love it when a big city makes an effort to bring in country life(- just a little). These bicycle stations are all over central London. You can hire free of charge for 30mins, about £6 for 2hours and so on. They have proved to be really popular with city workers, tourists and curiously random people like me!
Hyde Park...
I don't think my mum had been on a bike for a very very long time so it was a pretty hilarious mother's day! We stopped to say a quick hello to the queen...
..and then we road to South Bank, around the London Eye where there is always something weird and wonderful going on.
My muscles feel surprisingly pain free this morning now i'm exercising more regularly i guess. word to the wise: Its easy to get bored and de-motivated with your gym routine, remember to switch it up with a different sport or a fitness class (im trying a 'Zumba' class next week haha) and you won't even notice your wobbly bits disappear,
so I hereby give up giving up getting on a bike!


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